Our First Full Year

An interesting year 2016 to say the least: The presidential election. Russia. Brexit. The Olympics. Terrorism. Syria and especially Aleppo. Deflategate. Chicago Cubs. Castro. Standing Rock. The Supreme Court. Zika. Mother Nature. Turkey. Police. Flint. Wells Fargo. EpiPen. Hmmm, what did I leave out?

2016 has also been an exciting first full year for HeirShare. We continued to build our case for preservation and made presentations to interested groups. The interest in family history continues to grow – one of the key industry indicators is Its revenues grew over 300% since 2009 and the subscriber base is now over 2.4 million. More and more people are realizing the importance of conserving their historical documents before they are too badly damaged.

We have enhanced our ability to deliver with continuing education and a growing supplier base. In the past year, we reclaimed a damaged family tree document and the research of over 300 family members going back to the 18th century. We preserved hundreds of documents and letters from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, stabilizing them for the next several hundred years. While doing so, we had the opportunity to learn about life in those times in various cities and towns around the country. We acquired additional equipment to enhance our ability to deliver. We keep growing and keep getting better at it.

We are on a mission in 2017! We will keep spreading the word and convincing friends to conserve their material. Although we are a full-service company (you could paint your own house too, but why would you?), we will gladly help people buy and use the proper storage materials themselves. And we will continue to blog and post interesting and educational information on the website, Facebook and LinkedIn. So be sure and follow us and we appreciate all the Likes and Shares.

Happy New Year from all of us at HeirShare

Adair Watters

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