Cloud Sharing

Family Sharing via Cloud Storage

HeirShare will provide a copy of the digital images on your cloud storage site or we will create one for you. You will be able to share specific files, folders or all files with other family members by granting access to the cloud storage site. This will give your family the ability to browse these files in order to learn more about the family’s history.

There are a number of popular cloud storage sites available as of this time. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, CertainSafe, SugarSync and others offer cloud storage facilities. Most have a free option with limits on the amount of space you can use. If you exceed the limit, the annual fees are in the range of $60 to $100 per year. These services have become very popular as a solution to losing information stored only on a local computer.

HeirShare will help select a service with flexible sharing options. You will have complete control as the caretaker and will be able to share any or all files with any or all family members. You can make changes to these “permissions” any time and can hand off the caretaker role to other family members whenever you want to.

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