External Hard Drive Copy

External Hard Drive Copy

HeirShare will provide a USB hard drive or flash drive with all of the scanned images organized and in folders with instruction for browsing and copying. The hard drive will be the primary backup and can be stored in a safe deposit box or other safe location. Additional copies can be requested. It will include a document with an index of contents

The electronic copy will either be in the form of a flash/thumb drive or a portable hard drive dependent on the amount of space needed to store the files. These can be kept in a safe deposit box, with another family member or other safe location.

The electronic organization will mirror the physical organization of the original material as it has been placed in the final storage containers. Each drive will contain a document with a general introduction to the project, procedures for browsing the files and instructions as to how to make copies of specific information.

Our mission is to conserve and protect your family’s historical treasures and share them to help other family members learn, research and enjoy them.

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