How Does HeirShare Work

How Does HeirShare Work?

Heirshare is a full-service company established to help families conserve historical items and share them with other family members. A representative from HeirShare will come to your location to review the material that you have and discuss the file organization with you. We can set up our equipment at your location or we can bring your material back to our workshop to complete the project. Our objective is to organize your material, store it in the proper containers to preserve it as long as possible and create an electronic backup, designed for browsing by you and your other family members.

We will organize the material according to your wishes. Alternately we will organize it according to industry best practices and will apply that organization to the material itself and the electronic copies. We will return the material to you properly stored in “acid-free” containers (folders, sleeves, and storage boxes) that are designed to preserve the material for the longest time possible.

In addition, HeirShare will deliver a flash or hard drive as a backup for you to store safely. HeirShare will create a “cloud” storage location for the files so that you can give other family members permission to view them.

So your final product is: 

  • Organized, conserved originals
  • Digital images of the material
  • Hard drive backup
  • Cloud backup for sharing

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