The initial consultation is always free. During this, we will talk about the collection size and nature of your material, how it is being stored and what condition it is in now. We will discuss HeirShare’s recommendations for conserving the collection.

The pricing for HeirShare services can be approached in different ways:

  1. Fixed Price: HeirShare can take the whole project from organization to back-up on a cloud server on a turnkey basis. We will give you a firm quote that will include labor, equipment, travel and the cost of conservation supplies such as acid-free, lignin-free folders, sleeves and other storage materials.
  2. Staged Completion: We can separate the project into stages that are completed over a period of time and billed as each stage is completed.
  3. Hourly: We can complete specific parts of your project such as conservation, scanning or organization and bill according to the number of hours worked.
  4. Advisory: HeirShare can simply work in a consulting or advisory role with extended availability by phone, email or in-person billed on an hourly basis.
  5. Supplies: HeirShare can advise on and purchase conservation supplies for you.

As always, contact me with any questions.

Adair Watters

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